It's time to PARTEH
posting my vore stuff here. Will contain answered asks / drawings under the 'Extra Stuff' link.

Obviously NSFW

Read FAQ before asking, please~

asksharkbite sent:

My yesterday was my birthday 8D

congrats uwu

My yesterday was school and so was my today and my tomorrow will be school as well

icedshadowflare sent:

I love your art, and that most recent changeling pic is amazing!

Thank you so much uwu

asksharkbite sent:

How was your yesterday fellow nom pony?

My yesterday was okay

My today less so

Anonymous sent:

Anon's Drawing Suggestion: Changelings!

Elaborateeeeeee please

askcyborgcobaltflash sent:

C-can i suck it? *blush*

Depends on which one, entirely!


you guys sure like that right

(tell me what you think)

raiderpony sent:

Oh geez wowie, how do I get my hooves on one of them biiig dicks?

By asking nicely~

Although I recommend caution.

maymaythemeepish sent:

From the site: →I am an artist and I want to be on this list. Report one of the images you’ve drawn that are on this site (or report yourself if there are none) and tell us which images to remove (e.g. "all under my artist tag"), what conditions there are for the DNP (e.g. "with permission only"), and how we may verify your identity (e.g. my DA is blablabla) if we haven’t already.

Yes but where do I go….

maymaythemeepish sent:

Well like the last person said, you can ask to not have your stuff put up there, they do have a dnp list. Alternatively you could repost it there yourself with the source you want or something. Though I'm guessing the first is more what you had in mind?

I feel like I shouldn’t HAVE to ask people to NOT repost stuff

How exactly do I go about this dnp list.

maymaythemeepish sent:

DB kinda does that a lot. I guess it's because the image board style is kind of a collection of stuff? Are they reposting with no source or something? :<

They do source me - not from my tumblr but - yet I just. Hhhh. Why repost my art, why.

darvidd2 sent:

if you dont like having your stuff on derpibooru you can request to be put on the dnp list

I don’t mind YOU posting there sine you bought this stuff but who even keeps posting this.